Antique Furniture Stores

Antique Furniture Stores: How To Find The Best Providers Right Now

When designing your house interior, one of the most common ways to make it unique is by carefully placing antiquities, especially furniture, around your property. By doing this, you can give your home a timeless and relaxing ambience.

But where can you find the best, authentic antique furniture right now? Thankfully, there are many antique furniture stores to choose from today.

However, choosing which one to purchase from can be a bit of a challenge. With that being said, one should consider the products, services, and prices offered by every shop they find.

By doing so, finding the best antique furniture stores Clitheroe today will be a lot easier.

Driscolls Antiques Ltd
Driscolls Antiques Ltd
Driscrolls Antiques Ltd is an online antique furniture store with more than 30 years’ experience. This family-run shop has honed its comprehensive restoration methods to return vintage chairs, tables, cupboards and more to their top condition.

It was established as a small antique and house clearance shop owned by Keith Driscoll. As time passed by, it has grown into a huge business, now run by his son James Driscroll.

Today, it owns a huge showroom that features a wide range of antiquities from the Regency, Edwardian, Georgian, British and Victorian periods.

In addition to that, it is a member of CINOA and LAPADA. They entertain various collectors, dealers, and buyers of unique antiquities from different areas. This includes Lancashire, Preston, York, Manchester, Harrogate, and North Yorkshire.

Driscolls Antiques Ltd makes it a point not only to provide excellent vintage items but also information on how to understand them better. With so many variations of the usual antique furniture that is for sale, one should be able to identify the period a piece comes from as well as its particular history.

Over time furniture has changed from being simply practical and usable to being considered as decorative items. This is impacted by changes in domestic living patterns, resulting in new designs. Driscrolls Antiques Ltd offers insights into these areas, further helping customers in choosing the best antique furniture to buy.

Aside from dealing with both trade and private buyers, the company provides door to door delivery around the United Kingdom as well as worldwide. Interested customers will be happy to know that every delivery comes with packaging and insurance to make sure that it arrives at your location in mint condition.


Where is the best place to sell antique furniture?

eBay is one of the most popular online platforms for selling all kinds of items and has been for many years now. This includes antiques and collectibles.

If you are looking for an alternative to these sites, then has also been operating for a number of years. Also, there’s Craigslist, which is a classic place to put your items up for sale.

Where can I find cheap vintage furniture?

There are a lot of places to purchase cheap used furniture, such as yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, and swap meets. On the Internet, one can try Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Classified ads are also a good place to start. But one of the ideal places for this is visiting thrift stores, where most people first go when looking for good second-hand furniture.

How do you value antique furniture?

To know the exact value of inherited furniture, the first thing to remember is not to touch the furniture until you know its value. Be sure to examine it closely and take note of its unique qualities.

Then, do your research and find similar antique furniture values, ensuring that you explore a range of different values to get a fair and unbiased picture. If you are still unsure, get a professional in and have it appraised.

Is there a market for antique furniture?

According to antique appraisers, the market for most antique furniture is moribund and will not rebound in the near future. In general, items are regarded as antiques if they are of value, less than 50% restored, and at least 100 years old.

How do I sell high-end antique furniture?

Bringing it to an auction house or shop is a great idea. You can offer it to a consignment shop if you are selling within your area, which will take commission once you make a successful sale.

However, some shops make force you to take your items back or make a discount if you are unable to make a sale within a specified time frame.

Can you pawn antiques?

Bringing antique furniture to a pawn shop is a good idea if you are in a hurry. This is because they will take anything of value in exchange for a fair amount of cash.

However, they will often offer a cash amount that is way less than its retail value. But you can always buy the item back at a higher price if you need money for a short period.

Are antiques still popular?

Antiques are a trend that more and more people have been hoping would make a comeback in popularity for a long time. A certain piece of furniture can be considered antique if it is 100 years old or older and has not been in trend for the last few decades, or for at least twenty years.

What are the different styles of antique furniture?

Here are the most popular styles of the Basic English Furniture Styles: Queen, Anne, Georgian Chippendale, Georgian Sheraton, Regency, Victorian, Georgian Adam, and Georgian Hepplewhite.

How can you tell if a table is antique?

When checking out antique furniture for sale, do a thorough inspection first and look for irregularities on the surface. Then, look at which style period it comes from.

Knowing which era the piece is from can help you determine its style. Be sure to observe its craftsmanship and keep an eye out for the materials used in its creation.


Whether you are interested in the lowest price antique furniture stores in London or somewhere else, there are places available where one can find a wider range of more interesting items than those you would find in your usual antique furniture shop. has a collection of antique furniture such as tables, chairs, mattresses, bookcases, and cupboards. From an antique Edwardian mahogany two-door bookcase and 1950s vintage French brass nest of tables, to 18th-century sofa with original paint, they have them all.
By working with dealers in antique furniture in the UK as well as abroad, their customers can expect a vast selection of genuine products for them to choose from.

Sellingantiques Ltd

Sellingantiques Ltd

If you are fascinated by purchasing antiques, then you can find them at Sellingantiques Ltd. With more than 50,000 products on sale, they offer the most durable mahogany cabinets, oak tables, rosewood lamps, and so much more.

This antique furniture store has genuine antiques from different dealers and gives customers the opportunity to contact these dealers directly. All of their exchange rates are updated on an everyday basis at

To ensure the legitimacy of each antique, Sellingantiques Ltd requires dealers to make a formal declaration of the manufacturing date of the item, even if this is as circa or “close to” the date provided.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

If you are fond of antiques but do not like searching through actual stores, then you may have convinced yourself that you will need to go on with your life without your dream antique furniture.

However, there are actually a lot of places where you can buy antique items and collectibles including antique furniture online. House Beautiful lists those stores that you should know about for quality and range of choice.

Among those they suggest are One Kings Lane for high-end contemporary antiques, Chairish to view more than 85,000 products, and 1stdibs that has a 45,000 sq. ft New York City gallery.

Antique Furniture Direct

Antique Furniture Direct

Antique Furniture Direct is a shop run by Rob Hartley, an antique dealer based in Leeds, where people can buy antique furniture online.

Its aim is to offer high-quality furniture at the most cost-effective prices, concentrating on Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian items. The company has more than 100 stock most of the time, with new arrivals coming almost every week.

The company’s antique furniture for sale online is delivered across UK, with all online purchases covered by a 30-day no-quibble returns policy.

As an approachable, family-run business, Antique Furniture Direct ensures everyone that these traits are properly reflected in their antique pieces of furniture for sale.

House & Garden

House & Garden

House & Garden talked to their editors and stylists, asking them which cheap antique furniture stores they buy from. The aim being to aid those who are renovating their homes, making it easier to know which store to go to.

From independent stores and London boutiques with websites, to huge supermarkets, this article features some of their favourite picks.

For online independent shops, among those they picked were Tat London, Trad Chap, and Cart House.

For online marketplaces, some of their picks were eBay, 1stDibs, and Etsy. As for London boutiques, they chose 8 Holland Street, Tarquin Bilgen, and Anthony Outred.



If you are searching for the best second-hand furniture in London right now, Stored listed 30 of the most incredible shops where you can find such items in 2020.

And just to clarify, this list is not another list on the Internet that collects furniture shops in London randomly. Instead, Stored concentrates on only the best sources of excellent and legitimate second-hand furniture.

With a reference such as this, anyone can save time on searching online for cheap antique furniture and narrowing down their options.

For those who are renovating their houses, checking out these shops and the antique furniture they have on sale.



eBay brings together a range of furniture that is timeless, eye-catching, and suitable for all kinds of properties. The site has a huge collection of furnishings from different time periods and that is suitable for all budget ranges.

eBay sells early 19th-century French dressing tables, 1950s leather sofas, and so much more, meaning that buyers will not have a hard time looking for genuine antiques for all kinds of home designs. The additional of nice antique furniture to a house can make it the focal point of any room.

Finding the right furniture from reliable antique furniture dealers is an excellent way to reproduce historic designs, just like those popularised in television shows and films.

Kernow Furniture

Kernow Furniture

Kernow Furniture specialises in outstanding Gregorian and Victorian furniture from the 19th to 20th centuries.

The company sources the best from its wide range of antique items from their Cornwall warehouse and puts them on their website for sale. Customers can find vintage chairs, bookcases, and more from one of the best antique furniture stores, as well as lovely china and kitchenware, which are perfect for house or garden.

Kernow Furniture believes in giving utmost attention to quality, longevity, and design appeal. In addition, the company believes that reduced carbon footprint is another important factor to be considered, which a lot of shops mostly neglect.

Home Barn

Home Barn

Home Barn is an antique furniture store run by sisters-in-laws Sarah and Sally in their 17th-century tithe barn.

Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, they have filled this location with antique home accessories and furniture. They call their shop “The New Curiosity Shop” because of its wide array of interesting items, such as a rustic coffee table, vintage chest of drawers, antique mirror, lighting, and anything else you can think of.

All their new arrivals and latest offers are always available to all interested parties. They can also provide tips on buying, styling, revamping, and choosing antique furniture and decorations for your home.



Pamono takes pride in their huge selection of products that anyone will find fascinating. Here, one can find the best desks, rocking chairs, sideboards, sofas, dressers, and a lot more.

Regardless of whether it’s about collecting timeless 19th-century club chairs or lighting up a room using an antique lamp from the 1800s with intricate details, this shop can provide for you. They mostly specialise in antique France furniture, wherein pieces from that era are considered items of luxury and elegance crafted by well-trained artisans using solid wood and other excellent materials. With their help, finding antique furniture that best suits your home will never be a problem anymore.

Thakeham Furniture

Thakeham Furniture

Located in Petworth, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Thakeham Furniture was established by Tim and Belinda Chavasse in 1987.

It is a small family company that specialises in quality English antique furniture from the Victorian and Georgian periods. Putting emphasis on colour, patina, and originality, this shop has an impressive collection of 18th and 19th-century antique furniture pieces.

As one of the leading antique furniture online UK based providers they follow a strict code of practice and are members of The London Provincial Antique Dealers Association or LAPADA. This gives their customers a strong guarantee that they are getting only the best antique furniture from them.



Are you relocating to another house? Filling up a room? Putting up decorations? If you are doing any of these, finding the most excellent antique furniture shops in Leeds must be one of your priorities.

Leeds-List has compiled some of the best stores that you can go to for inspiration when it comes to antiques and make your home look cool with old furniture. Regardless of your budget or preferred style, one can find the best timeless pieces out there, from fireplace decorations to Chesterfield sofas.

Among the shops they recommend are Junk Again, St Luke’s Cares, Retro Boutique, and Trash and Treasure.

Nimbus Antiques

Nimbus Antiques

Nimbus Antiques was established in 1978 in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire. The company continues to collect antique home furniture from Regency, Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian eras.

With more than 30 years of experience, Nimbus Antiques has a vast knowledge when it comes to the history of gathering materials for antique home furniture. It also has connections with various clients, allowing them to offer recommendations when picking home furniture for both conventional and modern-day settings.

All of the products from Nimbus Antiques have undergone thorough work in their vintage furniture warehouse, while the furniture’s original colour, patina, and finish is always maintained.

Home & Antiques

Home & Antiques

Are you looking for a gorgeous Georgian sideboard? Are you seeking an exquisite mid-century couch? Home & Antiques listed 50 of the best shops that have antique furniture for sale UK to go to when it comes to buying timeless furniture and items.

The list includes The Sheelin, Junk Deluxe, Alfies Antiques Market, and Antique of Odiham. Featured in the article they shared are picks from author and antiques expert Mark Hill, vintage specialist Wayne Hemingway, Antiques Roadshow expert Katherine Higgins, homeware designer Sophie Conran, and interior designer Nicky Haslam, giving readers an idea where the most outstanding vintage and antique shops can be found.



Preloved offers adverts from the best antique furniture stores Lancashire and the whole United Kingdom. Among the items they feature are a retro chest of drawers, 1960s chair, vintage French cabinet, Charles Barr chest of drawers, and more.

As for decorations, Preloved also have retro umbrella stands, coat stands. Westminster wall clocks, and more. For those looking for tables and chairs, they have vintage swivel armchairs, a vintage Settee, antique dining tables, half-moon mahogany tables, and many more.

Preloved always aims to improve their services and range of products regularly not only by working with the best dealers out there but also by gathering feedback from their customers.

Georgian Antiques

Georgian Antiques

Antique furniture store Georgian Antiques can be found in the historic area of Leith, Edinburgh. They have one of the largest antique selections in Scotland in their 50,000 sq. ft. store.

They can cater to both trade and private clients. This way, everyone can guarantee that they can find the best furniture from them, regardless of their purpose or preferences. In addition, stock in its antique showroom changes all the time, giving everyone a chance to see something new every now and then.

The approachable staff are always glad to be of service to those who need help picking the best item to buy.



Many people wonder how easy it is to find the best vintage items today after seeing stylish houses filled with them.

Maybe the owner of the house came across a mid-century kitchen chair at a local charity store while walking off brunch? Maybe you do not like shopping and lack the luxury of time to search.

For this, one may think that ‘off-the-shelf’ is the easier course of action. But this is not something that should cause discouragement.

There are a lot of shops selling antique furniture that are filled with interesting and unique vintage and antique pieces thanks to the city’s rich history, and Upcyclist listed down where you can find them.

The New York Times

The New York Times

According to Colin Stair, owner of Stair Galleries auction house in Hudson, New York, prices for average antique pieces is now 80% lower than at the heyday of antiques collecting.

He noted that a typical Georgian 18th-century furniture, Pembroke table, tripod tables, or chest of drawers from various antique furniture stores Clitheroe could be sold for only a fraction of what they would have fetched 15 to 20 years ago.

However, some homeowners and designers still combine antiques with contemporary furniture to produce eclectic interiors. Those that are extra stylish can be sold for higher prices.

Moreover, hardcore collectors may also pay more when the pure historical value of the vintage item is considered.

Glasgow City Antiques

Glasgow City Antiques

Glasgow City Antiques offer antique furniture, arts and crafts, Asian artefacts, second-hand furniture, vintage, and much more. They are the biggest provider of antiques, collectibles, and furniture in Glasgow, with more than 40 dealers at present.

All available furniture on their website is also available in their centre, on top of all the products they have on sale. For those who want to sell or buy antique furniture and products, Glasgow City Antiques can provide the best prices. Deliveries can also be booked with them whenever necessary.

Aside from antiquities, Glasgow City Antiques also offers refurbishing and polishing services, as well as jewellery-making courses.

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things offers a huge selection of antique furniture for sale. They cater to a wide range of properties, enabling them to handle both residential and commercial restoration projects.

The company’s available furniture pieces include Traditional, Victorian, Modern, Mid Century, Classic, Commercial, French, Traditional, and Industrial styles. Customers can choose from among their wide array of accents and features, including wood, glass, fabric, cast iron, brass, mirror, metal, and steel.

Moreover, choices of dark wood tone, black medium wood tone, white, multi-colour, and more are available. Most importantly, their antique furniture is made by famous artists like George Daniell, Adolph Maubach, and M. Hard.

Giving any space a timeless design is something every homeowner should do using antique furniture. With this, they can make their place as interesting as possible.

Anyone will love their unique designs down to the tiniest detail, especially those who have an eye for such vintage pieces. Therefore, buying products from antique furniture stores Lancashire is not only about filling your home with chairs, cupboards, cabinets, or tables. Instead, it is about giving your house a richer character that you can’t find anywhere else.

So be sure to give time and effort when buying from various antique furniture stores. They are not just simple decorations to take for granted.

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